Classes and Seminars

So I'm teaching classes now. HOORAY!
Here's a list of what I've got going on at the moment.

Saturday morning Cardio-Yoga (1 hour class) - place/time TBA

Join me for a hybrid class that combines cardio kick-boxing, vinyasa flow yoga, and guided meditation and stretching. Typical class format goes as follows: 

  • warm-up (5 minutes or two songs, whichever comes first) - time to get the body moving! We begin with simple movements to increase our heart rate, and practicing some of the moves we'll use later in the class.
  • cardio (15 minutes or three songs) - here's where we get the blood really pumping. Typically we do either choreographed cardio kickboxing routines, or circuit training style workouts (with three sets of movements repeated 2 to 3 times). There are brief rest periods between each song/set. 
  • strength (15 minutes or three songs) - bringing down the intensity slightly, here we either work with light free weights, use plyometric exercises, or use specific yoga poses to strengthen our muscles. These tend to focus on areas of the body (arms, legs, core, back), though occasionally we will do some all-over exercises to work the entire body. Again, there are brief rest periods between sets.
  • stretching (15-20 minutes, depending on time left) - this is where we stretch out and relax the muscles we've been working. Although this portion is technically called stretching, this is where we definitely get our yoga on. The stretches are aimed to prevent later soreness and possible cramping, as well as relax the participants. We finish with a minimum of 5 minutes in savasana (corpse pose) with a guided meditation and relaxation time.

Tuesday & Thursdays at 6:30 pm: Adult/Teen MMA Class; 7:30 pm: Filipino Stick Fighting class (assistant instructor) , at Kyle United Methodist Church 

I am an assistant instructor for Gat Kuya Jayson Peña. After the 6:30 MMA class, I help Kuya Peña with escrima stick training in the GAT system. Classes typically focus on "street fighting" techniques over traditional moves.

Self-Defense Seminars at Kyle United Methodist Church

Open to the public, these seminars focus on no-nonsense self-defense moves for people of all ages and abilities, though usually the focus is towards women's self-defense and rape prevention. Previous seminars have focused on bully prevention, back-to-school safety, and general self-defense. These are practical seminars, where students learn to punch, kick, and throw using live targets (volunteers).