About Jenn

Hi there.

My name is Jennifer Johnson. I have been studying martial arts off and on for the last twenty or so years. 

The last five years I have been working on my black belt at Austin Texas Martial Arts Center, where I studied Jeet Kun Do and Kung Fu. After getting my black belt, I've expanded my studies, and started studying MMA and escrima stick fighting with Sifu Jayson Pena through Street Smarts SDS

I've recently gotten my instructor's certification, and hold the title of Si-Sook 师叔 (also spelled Sisuk), which roughly translates to "Junior Kungfu Uncle."

You can often find me  assisting with teaching on Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

In addition to JKD and Kung Fu, I've also studied MMA, Taekwondo and Kajukenbo, so I have a fair smattering of various styles, which I incorporate into my self-defense seminar.

Previous to studying martial arts, I studied dance for about 8 years (eventually deciding to quit when I started high school), where I studied tap, jazz, ballet, and modern dance. I also played softball for 3 years, making the all-star team my starting year.

When I'm not at the dojo, you can usually find me on another mat, practicing yoga. Yoga has been a regular part of my workout for the last five years, and I try to get at least an hour in four times a week (if not more). In fact, I've added Yoga and Pilates into the stretching/warm-up portion of classes that I teach in order to keep my students safe and give them a workout at the same time. I also teach the non-pretzel yoga class on Fridays through the Texas State University Wellcats program, where I focus on undoing all the stress of the week.

Professionally, I am a technical writer by trade. I like to boil things down to the simplest form possible, whether that is a set of instructions, or a take-down.

If you have any questions for me, please email me at ninjenni.johnson [at] gmail.com. Thanks, and namaste!